Installation Tutorial of CFD and DEM coupling CFDEM

The installation of the coupling for Liggghts and OpenFoam called CFDEM can be difficult for beginners in the environment of Linux.

While some program must only be downloaded from a website, it can be necessary for other programs to compile them on your computer. One of these programs for DEM simulations is Liggghts3.8.0. For the coupling CFDEM openFoam5.x and the coupling files must also be compiled on your system. 

With this tutorial we want to give the basic steps to download and install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to set up the Linux as the operating system on your computer. After that the tutorial focuses on the download and the installation of every software that is needed to download and compile CFDEM. Additionally software for postprocessing like Paraview can be installed as well. If you are looking for the installation, we also ducumented everthing what you need to know here: Liggghts or OpenFoam.

In the end you will get your own custom workstation set-up operating system ready for large multi-core simulations of fluid and particle interaction using DEM and CFD.


To start with a first simulation we perpared a tutorial of the use of the CFDEM coupling to get a basic understanding what is necessary to get a CFD-DEM simulation running. 

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