OpenFoam – getting Started

This beginner friendly training of OpenFoam gives a good starting point for a successful simulation. The training will be held in a webinar including 2 modules which show the complete workflow of basic CFD-simulation. The training starts with the general structure and operation of OpenFoam. CAD Model and import functions will be discussed, as well as the preparations which need to be done before importing the CAD geometry. It will be discussed how the internal meshing tool of OpenFoam can be used to get meshes well enough for industrial applications.

The two modules cover everything which is needed to start with CFD simulations. The module explanations will be given on an example which is handed over to the attendee for doing own simulations.

Price: 390 €


Module: OpenFoam Basics

The OpenFoam module will give a general introduction into OpenFoam and will enable the user to perform basic simulations on a example of a multi – inlet / outlet pipe flow. It will be explained how to prepare the simulation models, build the mesh, set the boundary conditions and start a simulation. 

 Folder structure of OpenFoam

  • CAD preparation
  • Basic meshing with blockMesh
  • Meshing industrial geometries with snappyHexMesh
  • Setting boundary conditions
OpenFoam Simulation of drag forces on a car
Example of OpenFoam

Module: CFD in practice

  • Improving numerical stability à how to solve 90% of convergence problems
  • Workflow improvements using OpenSource Software
  • Simulations on multi cores (multi-processor simulations) including decomposing and reconstructing
  • Postprocessing in ParaView