Snippet – DEM Tutorial 1.2: Silo discharge using a belt conveyor

This video shows the second part of our particle simulation of the filling and discharge process of a silo using a belt conveyor. For this simulation we use the discrete element methode open source software liggghts. In a upcomming tutorial the usage of the belt will be presented.
In general the suitable selection of a mechanical discharge device, the properties of the bulk material, the flow behaviour, the grain size and the required mass flow must be taken into account analogously to the design of the silo. The design of the silo funnel also influences the selection of the discharge device. A typical device with traction means is the belt conveyor. These are used in silo buildings with constricting funnels and are arranged below them. The bulk material flows freely from the silo funnel to the top of the belt. If the belt is not moving the outlet will be closed passively by the blocking material.


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3 responses to “Snippet – DEM Tutorial 1.2: Silo discharge using a belt conveyor”

  1. Asif says:

    If i would like to enter particles of different size at once, then what changes should be done in the script?
    Could you please provide the modified script or any liggghts script related to it?

  2. Prince Joshina says:

    I like the simulation video very much and this will be very useful to me, as i am working on my master thesis. It would be very greatful, if you can provide me a script of this simulation.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Engineerdo says:

      Hey Prince, we uploaded the files for the simulation. You will find them, by clicking the download button 🙂
      Good luck with the simulation

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