Abrasive Wear

Abrasive Wear in Bulk Material Handling

In the field of construction machinery and bulk material handling systems the main cause of equipment failure is the high level of wear and as a result a downtime of the production. This wear occurs especially in the handling of highly abrasive bulk materials and powders. For instance, hard rock materials like granite or minerals like iron ores and blast furnace slag. The wear is usually due to the function of the conveyor or construction machine of handling the bulk material. Therefore it cannot be completely avoided. Hence,  the engineering focus is on the optimal design of the equipment geometry to reduce wear conditions and secondly a suitable selection of wear resistant liners.  In order to successfully manage this, basic knowledge about the wear mechanisms is necessary. Therefore, the next paragraph shows a brief overview of the relevant wear mechanism.

Abrasive Wear Mechanism in Bulk Material Handling

Abrasive Wear Tests in Bulk Material Handling